Cheerleading Classes 

Our cheerleading classes are open to students ages 3 and up who want to learn and improve all skills necessary for cheerleading. 

mini cheer

This is our cheerleading class for students ages 4-5. We focus on teaching students developmentally appropriate skills. Through age appropriate activities, students learn proper motion and jumping techniques and tumbling skills. 

Cheer 101

This class is for cheerleaders ages 6 and up. Students will learn all the skills necessary to be a successful cheerleader (motions, jumps, stunting, tumbling). This class is great for students looking to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and those looking to hone their skills.

Tumbling Classes 

Our Tumbling classes are open to students ages 6 and up who want to focus solely on gaining tumbling skills. Classes are divided by skill level.

tumble 1

This is our beginner tumbling class. Students focus on perfecting cartwheels, round offs, bridges, and walkovers. This class is great for learning body control and the fundamentals needed for advanced skills. Students will begin working on back handsprings in this class. 

Tumble 2

This is our intermediate tumbling class. This class is for students who have mastered back walkovers and have demonstrated that they have adequate strength to begin learning more advanced skills. Students must be evaluated before registering for this class. Students main focus will be mastering back handsprings and other intermediate tumbling skills.

Tiny Tumblers

Beginning tumbling class for students ages 2 to 3. This class promotes body awareness and coordination. We focus on strength development and promoting a healthy lifestyle at an early age. We focus on having fun with our smallest tumblers.

Half Year Competitive Teams  

Our half year teams participate in 3-4 local events. Half year teams are great for beginners, those looking to improve skills, and individuals who want to compete without the full year commitment. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  

Registration is currently closed for our half year teams. 2018-2019 team registration will open again in September 2018!

Angels Team

This is our competitive team for students ages 5-6. Students will compete a routine the encompasses dance, motions, jumps, stunting, and tumbling. Registration opens in September and practices begin in October! 

Royalty Team

This is our competitive team for students ages 7-14. Students will compete a routine the encompasses dance, motions, jumps, stunting, and tumbling.  Registration opens in September and practices begin in October!

Our recreational classes have open enrollment all year, so you can join us anytime!

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