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Our Mission

Glory Cheerleading Experience focuses on experiences, not appearances. A child's experiences and accomplishments can never be taken away from them. Our primary goals are to...

01. Motivate youth

We motivate the cheerleaders to be the best athlete, student, and citizen they can be. We provide opportunity for accomplishments by helping the cheerleaders set and attain personal goals, and by offering opportunities for community service and personal development.


02. Raise self-esteem

We strive to raise self-esteem by recognizing the cheerleader's achievements. Cheerleaders receive awards for gaining skills, maintaing good grades, and motivating others. We concentrate on accomplishments, not failures. Glory also teaches the practice of self-affirmations. Positive affirmations help the cheerleaders feel better about themselves and their abilities. They also help open the mind to new possibilities.


03. Promote healthy lifestyles

We promote healthy lifestyles by stressing the importance of physical fitness and healthy eating. All cheerleaders participate in conditioning exercises at every practice. We continually have discussions about how to make healthy food choices.


Glory Cheerleading Experience is a family friendly and Christian faith based organization. All of our personal development and enrichment activities are open to all participants. Welcome to the Glory Family!


Glory Cheerleading Experience
Charlotte, NC
It all started with a girl with a dream.


I discovered cheerleading after 12 years of competing as a gymnast, and I quickly came to love the sport! I was drawn to the team aspect of cheerleading and the athleticism needed to be successful. After completing college and working as an engineer for 3 years, I decided to finally follow my dream of mentoring children through cheerleading. I officially started Glory Cheerleading Experience in 2008.

I am committed to teaching valuable life skills through cheerleading. Cheerleading provides many opportunities to mentor children, and to stress the importance of goal setting, teamwork, community service, and discipline. I have been coaching cheerleaders for over ten years and my love of the sport continues to grow. I continually strive to make Glory Cheerleading Experience a positive and fun experience for all involved. 

‚Äč- Katherine Britt (Coach K)